Friday, February 26, 2021

Red-necked falcon ( Falco chicquera)

Red-necked falcon

Red-necked falcon ( Falco chicquera)

Red-necked falcon bird is a medium-sized falcon has bluish grey wings and upper body, a chestnut red cap with short chin straps passing through the eye. The primary feathers of the wing are black and a single black band at the tip of the tail are distinctive.size-31-36cm.


Occurs in open habitats with sparse vegetation and scattered trees, including riparian habitats, woodland edges, dry watercourses, and palm savanna.


Feeds mainly on small birds up the size of small dove, capturing them after dashing from an open perch below the canopy of a tree.


Bangladesh, India, Bhutan,Nepal and Pakistan.

Range Map

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Sources Of Information

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