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Common green magpie (Cissa chinensis)

Common green magpie

Common green magpie (Cissa chinensis)

Common green magpie (Cissa chinensis) is a member of the crow family.size 37-39.It is a vivid green in colour (often fades to turquoise in captivity), slightly lighter on the underside and has a thick black stripe from the bill (through the eyes) to the nape. Compared to the other members of its genus, the white-tipped tail is quite long. This all contrasts vividly with the red fleshy eye rims, bill and legs.common green magpie call is quite varied but often a harsh peep-peep. It also frequently whistles and chatters.


Broadleaved evergreen and moist deciduous forest.


Reptiles, young birds and eggs.


Bangaldesh,India,Bhutan and Nepal

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