Tuesday, January 19, 2021

White-browed wagtail-Motacilla maderaspatensis


White-browed wagtail

White-browed wagtail|(Motacilla maderaspatensis)


The white-browed wagtail or large pied wagtail is a medium-sized bird and is the largest member of the wagtail family.White-browed Wagtail is a large wagtail at 21cm.It is a large wagtail of black and white plumage and with a prominent white eyebrow.white-browed wagtail is a resident breeder in India and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent.This bird is the size of a Bulbul.This bird lives almost entirely on the ground, running about instead of hopping like most small birds.


Bank of river,pools, lakes, canals and irrigation barrages


Mainly feed upon orthopterans, caterpillars and spiders, stayphylinid beetles and pentatomid bugs.


Bangladesh,India,Pakistan,Sri Lnaka,Nepal and Bhutan

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