Monday, January 25, 2021

Spoon billed sandpiper (Calidris pygmaea)

spoon billed sandpiper

Spoon billed sandpiper (Calidris pygmaea)

Spoon billed sandpiper is a small wader which breeds in Southeast Asia.small sandpiper with a one-of-a-kind black spatulate bill. During the breeding season the bird is rich reddish brown particularly around the head, breast and back. This species is highly threatene. spoon-billed sandpiper population was estimated at 240–456 mature individuals or at maximum 228 pairs .Spoon billed Sandpiper Weight: M: 29-30g, size 14-16cm.

Spoon billed sandpiper habitat

Breeding habitats are usually lagoon spits or sandy ridges with low vegetation, such as birch and willow sedge, within which the chick can forage for invertebrates.

Spoon billed sandpiper food

Spoon-billed Sandpipers feed on a variety of larval and adult invertebrates, especially midges, mosquitoes, flies, beetles, and spiders


India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

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