Friday, January 22, 2021

Red junglefowl-Gallus gallus

red junglefowl male
red junglefowl male

Red junglefowl-Gallus gallus


Red junglefowl is a tropical bird in the family Phasianidae.The colourful male (about 80cm) has white ear patches and a white puff at the base of his tail.  female red jungle fowl  (about 40cm) has dull brown streaky plumage.Juveniles look similar to females but have slightly darker underparts.These are noisy, vocal birds with shrill, cackling calls that sound similar to domestic chickens.


Woodland,scrub areas grassland,agricultural areas fringes of forests and jungles.


Seeds, grain, small insects, and fruit.


Bangladesh,Bhutan,NepaL and India.

red junglefowl male
red junglefowl female

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