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Indian pond heron (Ardeola grayii)

Indian pond heron

Indian pond heron (Ardeola grayii)

Indian pond heron  is a small heron.widespread resident of Indian Indian Pond-Heron has a head and neck streaked dark brown and buff. The bill is yellow horn with a long black tip.In the breeding season, the head and neck are unstreaked brown buff.Immature herons are streaked brown, generally similar to non-breeding adults. Their head, neck and breast feathers are shorter, and their back feathers do not form the distinctive loose coat.indian pond heron bengali name is দেশি কানিবক.size 42-45cm.

Marshes,flooted field,lakes and mangroves.

Crustaceans, aquatic insects, fishes, tadpoles and sometimes leeches.

Bangladesh,India,Nepal,Bhutan,Sri Lanka,Pakistan and Maldives.

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